New forthcoming album


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New rare & unreleased

Rare & unreleased tracks

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Creepy Sound Compilation Vol.1

A compilation of oddities and unedited tracks, including several tracks from Sycantrhope, from Creepy Sound Production (

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Review “Septimo Movimiento”

A great review of a great person and journalist Wagner Hertzog for the “Septimo Movimiento” release. Millions of thanks friend!

Sycantrhope is a Spanish electronic ambient musical project, with a very peculiar atmospheric layout, led by musician Vadym Sycantrhope. His most recent album, Septimo Movimiento, is an extremely abrasive and inconspicuously sinister – though somewhat mysteriously dark –
nocturnal artistic embrace, with a very subtle elemental antagonistic sensitivity, that at the same time turns out to be an exceedingly experimental set of magnificent lugubrious ambient tracks.

With seven tracks, being then Your Place Is Out There!, Thought The Mechanics Of The Heart, Lonely And Free As A Wolf, Ritual Under Growing Sky, Fear Felt By The Soul, Deaf Ears, Here There Is Nothing Left From Us! and The Grey Day, We All Die Sometime! Sycantrhope makes you wander and travel free in the mindset of a vast sonorous configuration, that feels profoundly sane, magically unbound, and sardonically perfect at the same time. Reverberating an intriguing plurality of sounds, that constantly rearranges and recombines itself to firmly accommodate on its own terms a groundbreaking set of creative motives, Septimo Movimiento is filled with suspenseful, dark and apprehensively emotive tracks, bound by no restrictive rules.


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New dark ambient album available now.

Sycantrhope new album is now available for free download on Bandcamp.
Sycantrhope new album this time has a style Dark Ambient, Drone and with some hints of Ritual. The album is titled “Septimo Movimiento” (Seventh Movement) is the seventh studio work and consists of seven tracks full of dark, occult ritual, and also lost feelings between melodies and deep atmospheres.



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New album available now


Available on:



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Tracklist from the new album.

Official tracklist from the new album, named “Revenge” comes out on February 8, 2016.

01 Accidental Cause
02 Conspiracy Theory
03 City Light
04 Caza De Brujas
05 Decadent Apogee
06 Fucking Dreams
07 The Tribe Of Anyone
08 Vengeance Of One Of The Fallen



Event on facebook:

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New album coming soon


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X​-​Mas 2015 by Petroglyph Music

Eng (Spanish below): Merry Christmas to all and with best wishes comes the last “Petroglyph music” netlabel compilation with unreleased track of my project Sycantrhope. Øystein thanks for making me a hole in the compilation! (Track nº 079- Sycantrhope – Decadent Apogee) Emoticono wink
Esp: Feliz Navidad a todos y con los mejores deseos nos llega el ultimo recopilatorio de Petroglyph Music con un track inedito de mi proyecto Sycantrhope. Gracias Øystein Jørgensen por hacerme un hueco en el recopilatorio! (Track nº 079- Sycantrhope – Decadent Apogee)



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Now available new album


Now available Sycantrhopes new album

Violent Waves of Restlessness


01. Broken Sky

02. The World After Mankind

03 Dead End

04.  Eclipse*

*The last track “Eclipse” is an abandoned from the album “Returning the Lights”.

On Bandcamp:

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